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PriceCo Floors is a proud supplier of Hartco and Bruce hardwood flooring. With designs to match any decor, hardwood flooring options can be found to match everything from contemporary to rustic styles. Hartco and Bruce offer solid or engineered wood flooring products in a variety of finishes, stains and textures, guaranteeing each and every customer to find a product that fits the look they are aiming for.

SAS507 Hickory Gold Rush
SAS510 Hickory Clover Honey
SAS508 Hickory River House
SAS524 Hickory Monument Valley

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By stocking many of the most popular lines-  American Scrape, Rural Living, Prime Harvest and much more-  we can serve our customers better.  


American Scrape

American Scrape SAS517 Maple River House 3/4 x 5″

American Scrape SAS519 Maple Nantucket 3/4 X 5″ 

American Scrape SAS520 Maple Dark Lava 3/4 x 5″

American Scrape SAS516 Maple Brown Ale 3/4 X 5″ 

American Scrape SAS514 Maple Seneca Trail 3/4 X 5″ 

American Scrape SAS515 Maple Cranberry Woods 3/4 X 5″ 

American Scrape SAS523 Hickory Rolling Terrain 3/4 X 5″ 

American Scrape SAS509 Hickory Candy Apple 3/4 X 5″

American Scrape SAS506 Red Oak Great Plains 3/4 X 5″ 

American Scrape SAS505 Red Oak Wild West 3/4 X 5″ 

American Scrape SAS501 White Oak Natural 3/4 X 5″ 

American Scrape SAS522 White Oak Brown Saddle 3/4 X 5″ 

American Scrape SAS502 White Oak Gunstock 3/4 X 5″ 

American Scrape SAS504 White Oak Nantucket 3/4 X 5″ 

American Scrape SAS503 White Oak Brown Bear 3/4 X 5″ 

American Scrape EAS508 Hickory Smokehouse 3/8 x 5″

American Scrape EAS510 Hickory Western Mountain 3/8 x 5″

American Scrape EAS509 Hickory Wilderness Brown 3/8 X 5″

American Scrape EAS502 Hickory Amber Grain  3/8 X 5″

American Scrape EAS501 Hickory Autumn Blaze  3/8 X 5″

American Scrape EAS503 Hickory Cajun Spice 3/8 x 5″

American Scrape EAS504 Hickory Eagle Nest 3/8 x 5″

Rural Living

All specials based on pallet pricing of in-stock products. While supplies last. See store for details.