PriceCo Floors What To Expect

Before Installation

  • Flooring is construction, your house will shake as floors are removed and installed. We are not responsible for wall decor, loose closet brackets etc. that may dismantle during the installation process. This also applies to drywall in the ceilings below the installation- it may come loose if the drywall was not properly installed.
  • Customers are responsible for moving all small items, breakables, antiques, valuables, etc. prior to the installers arrival. All electronics need to be unplugged and moved by the customer prior to the start of installation.
  • Walls in all homes are not 100% level. Flooring may line up perfectly in one area, but be a little askew in another area as it lines up with the walls in a home.
  • Delivered materials will be delivered to the main level and distributed throughout the home on the day of installation. Delivery crew is not allowed to deliver materials up or down a full flight of stairs.
  • We are not responsible for asbestos removal. If you have any concerns, please mention it to your sales rep
  • No subfloor is completely even. For products which are installed directly on top of the subfloor, expect the floor to mimic the levelness of the existing subfloor. If you have significant concerns regarding your subfloor, please let your sales rep know and they can arrange to remove your existing flooring before the installation day so you may thoroughly inspect the subfloor and arrange for repair as needed (additional trip charge will apply). Breaking of the locking mechanism due to uneven subfloor is not covered under the installation nor the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Sample boards serve as examples, but do not provide a complete overview of the markings, shades and colors present in a grade and species of material. Carpet is dye lot sensitive, so different dye lots will vary slightly in color. Each board of flooring is unique and variations may exist between the sample boards and your installed flooring. Rustic / hand scraped (Armstrong American Scrape Collection) hardwood is expected to have knots, rough boards and holes and is not a defect of the wood, rather expected characteristics.


  • Customers are solely responsible for the product and color selection and for verifying that the product and color on their contract is what they actually want.


  • Doing paint touch ups after the flooring job is complete is normal and expected due to the nature of the flooring project. PriceCo Floors does not do any type of painting.


  • Our installers will not be able to wear shoe coverings/take off their shoes during the installation process. Flooring is construction and shoe coverings are slippery/ the traction of their shoes is necessary when carrying heavy materials, going up and down stairs, installing carpet etc. Reach out to your sales rep prior to signing a contract if this is a concern.


  • PriceCo Floors is not here to fix issues with your house that are currently there or about to happen or might happen in the future, including but not limited to any plumbing, electrical, closet doors, painting, joist peaking or settling, house settling, drywall cracks. We do not offer handy man services. Just because we touch something that’s about to break doesn’t make us responsible for fixing it (if you need more explanation or clarification please ask us).  We can’t inspect everything in your home before hand and show you problems that are currently there with your house. We are not a home inspection company.


  • PriceCo Floors does not level subfloors


  • Screwing of the subfloor is not part of installation, but it can be done at customers request. It may not fix all squeaking, but it can reduce. The additional cost can be determined after the carpet removal and will only be performed upon customers request/agreement of additional costs.


  • Shoe molding is only installed where there is baseboard. It is never installed on framing.
  • The customer is responsible for marking any wires or cables that are run under the current floor and making the installers aware of them prior to the floors removal. Damage to wires or cables as a result of not knowing they were present will be fixed at the customers expense.
  • If the height of your new floor is less than the height of the existing floors in your house, there will be gaps under the door frames after the new flooring is installed. There will also be the need to repaint baseboards in the area where the new floor is installed since the new shoe molding will sit lower than the old shoe molding had sat on the baseboard. All painting is the customer’s responsibility.
  • Please be sure to review your product warranty from the manufacturer. Warranties only apply to the original purchaser for their own residential use in an owner-occupied residence. Warranties are non-transferable.
  • Dishwashers must be disconnected completely and removed from under the cabinets in order for the floors to be installed fully underneath. PriceCo Floors does not disconnect or reconnect dishwashers.



During Installation

  • If there is a problem or questions during your installation please call your sales representative. Or the store (301-317-6220). If we don’t know, we can’t fix it. Similarly, if there is a specific part of your subfloor that needs extra attention, please mention it to the installers upon their arrival
  • Your flooring project is a construction project and will create dust. PriceCo Floors will make every effort to clean as much of the dust as possible, however it is expected that some dust will settle after we have left.
  • PriceCo Floors is not responsible for any plumbing, gas or electrical problems that arise during installation. We do not disconnect or connect any appliances with gas or water hook ups. Customers may need to hire a professional licensed plumber post installation and this will be done at the customer’s expense.
  • Covering nail holes and gaps with putty is the industry standard for installation.
  • Installation does not work within the standard 9-5 business hours. In some instances, we may work later than normal business in order to complete a flooring job. If this is something that you are concerned about, please mention it to your sales representative prior to your installation date.
  • Scratching and squeaking in floors are normal characteristic of flooring. Please expect this as it is not covered under any warranty.
  • When installing new floor up against existing flooring there could be unknown material under the existing floor that builds up the height of the floor we are butting up against. If this is the case, additional charges may incur if you need a transitions or additional luon/underlayment to build up the new floors to match the height.

Hardwood Specific

  • Wood is a natural product and it is expected for there to be minimal gaps between the planks and seems post-installation. The definition of a gap, based on the wood flooring association, is if you can fit a quarter into the space.
  • Hardwood floors are a natural product and react to the environment they are in. It is the responsibility of the customer to follow all guidelines set forth by the National Wood Flooring Association to properly maintain hardwood flooring. Customer is responsible for maintaining relative humidity within NWFA standards.


  • Prevention of cupping, cracking, bowing, gaping, expansion and contraction of the wood falls solely under the responsibility of the customer. Proper wood maintenance/moisture and humidity control is essential in avoiding these issues.  None of these are covered under any PriceCo Floors or manufactures warranty.  Please see the NWFA guidelines for further information.
  • Customer is responsible for subfloor being up to code prior to the installation date and accepts all responsibility for subfloor condition prior to installation.


  • Scratching and squeaking in floors are normal characteristic of hardwood. Please expect this as it is not covered under any warranty.
  • Keep your humidity level 30%-50% year round to avoid major gaps. In this area we experience cold, dry winters and hot, humid summers. If you see gaps don’t worry, it will come back together. Wood is a live product that absorbs humidity and reacts to season just like your house. In the winter months use a humidifier to maintain this level and prevent cracking and gaping of hardwood. In the summer months keep your humidity levels within the recommended range.
  • The industry standard for hardwood floor allows a manufacturer 5% imperfections, which could include not having a square edge, small gaps, cracks etc. This standard also applies to labor- 5% of error with labor is expected. Natural hardwood floor should not be expected to be 100% perfect.
  • If you are worried about wood variation and/or lack of variation in certain areas, you should probably not purchase hardwood floors. Imperfections in the wood are part of the beauty of the wood. We will not just replace certain boards because you don’t like them (regardless of denting, hand scraped, variation, etc.)
  • In the event a 3rd party inspector is needed to visit the jobsite, the property owner will allow access for inspection.
  • Bevels between planks in the wood should not be mistaken for gaps.

Step Installation

  • When installing new treads and risers PriceCo Floors will have to cut the existing nosing on the steps in order to install new full treads. This may result in some patching or painting needing to be done around the edges of the step. PriceCo Floors does not offer painting surfaces, so expect some touch ups may need to be done.


  • For steps being sanded and refinished, the stringer of the steps will need paint touch ups post sand and finishing. PriceCo Floors does not offer painting services.



LVT/LVP Specific

  • Floating floors have give and may bounce as you walk on them, this is an expected outcome of this type of floor and should be considered prior to purchase. LVT (luxury vinyl tiles/planks) are a floating floor. Bevels between planks in the LVT should not be mistaken for gaps.


  • While LVP/ LVT is extremely durable, it is not scratch proof and scratching/denting can happen even with these types of floors. Gloss reduction, scratches and dents in the finish are considered surface wear and are not covered under the warranty.
  • The levelness of the subfloor affects the installation of this type of floors. If the floors are not level, it may lead to gapping or click-breaks of the LVP. We always recommend patching when possible and necessary to avoid these sorts of issues. See your associate for more details.
  • Breaking of the locking mechanism due to uneven subfloor is not covered under any warranty. Rolling Office chairs will break the locking system in LVP and damage your floor
  • Breaks in the locking system due to uneven subfloor is not covered under PriceCo Floors warranty nor the manufacturer warranty.

Carpet Specific

  • When carpet is being installed, it must be kicked into and tucked underneath the baseboard. This will potentially scratch your baseboard and the customer is responsible for doing paint touch-ups after installation. In case your home has settled, or your baseboard is installed too high from the ground, you may see gaps between the carpet and baseboards in some areas.
  • The heat from steam cleaning carpet can cause the carpet to wrinkle. Wrinkling over time is normal expectation of carpet, especially if you are steam cleaning or dragging furniture/heavier items
  • Crushing of carpet caused by furniture or impressions left in the carpet are not covered under warranty. Fading of carpet resulting from external causes are not warrantied.
  • Carpet installed on steps is not covered under most manufacturers warranties
  • Failure to follow recommended cleaning instructions from manufacturer may void warranty. Cleaning of stains should be done immediately upon discovery of stain. Please note that no carpet is absolutely stain proof. Carpets are stain resistant, however staining may occur, especially over time and in high traffic areas.
  • Carpet is dye lot sensitive, so different dye lots will vary slightly in color. Sample boards are a representation of the expected color, but may vary from dye-lot to dye-lot.

Post Installation

  • Do not wet-mop a wood floor. Standing water can dull the finish, damage the wood Wipe up any spills immediately. We do not recommend the use of any wood floor cleaners, which can dull the finish and leave a residue on the floor. Damage from excessive moisture or humidity is not covered by any warranties.
  • If a customer does not have baseboards installed at the time of a scheduled installation, PriceCo Floors will not be able to install shoe molding. An additional trip charge will apply to come out and install shoe molding post-baseboard installation.
  • If PriceCo Floors needs to do a return visit to finish the project as a result of a customer related delay (including but not limited to: no baseboards installed, loss of power, access restrictions etc.) an additional trip charge will be charged for return visits to complete the project.
  • Put stick-on felt protectors under the legs of furniture to prevent scuffing and scratching. Do not slide furniture across wood, vinyl or laminate flooring
  • The eye-sight test (problems visible from a standing position) is what flooring professional use to evaluate problems with flooring and/or installation. This means that problems with material that you need to crouch down to see are, generally, expected outcomes of a natural product.
  • Floors required occasionally routine maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. Carpet stretching, seem repair, squeaking of the floor etc. falls under this maintenance and may be required. If you are outside of your one-year installation warranty there will be a fee for visits to upkeep the condition of your flooring products. See store for more details. 


  • PriceCo Floors offers a one year installation warranty from the time the floors are installed. Any repairs/stretches or site visit outside of the one year installation warranty will result in a charge that is the responsibility of the home owner. Please refer to your products manufacturer for a more detailed product warranty. Manufacturer warranties are non-transferrable and apply only to the original end-user. All manufacturers only cover warranty on the primary residence of the purchaser, not rental property. 

Material Only

  • PriceCo Floors does not accept any returns on open boxes, special ordered items or discontinued items Any material returned must be returned within 45 days of original purchase date. All returns will be refunded to the customer via check