Over 30 stocking carpets available. 

Quick Turn Around, Professional Install, Free upgraded memory  foam pad on many of our stocking carpets  

Buying Tips for Carpet
Don’t take the quality of your carpet cushion lightly.

The performance of many carpets will hinge on the performance of the cushion. Spending a few extra dollars on cushion can mean extra years of performance for your carpet. Some carpet warranties also depend on the grade of cushion you select.

Don’t judge the quality by feel alone

Thick and luxurious carpet can fool you at times. Determine the performance you expect to receive from your carpet as well as the conditions your carpet will be exposed to.

There is no substitute for a knowledgeable sales person

There are a wide variety of questions that need to be addressed when selecting the best carpet for your needs. A knowledgable sales person with extensive professional background in carpet sales and installation can go a long way in helping determine the best product for your home or business.  The performance and quality characteristics of carpet vary more widely than that of other flooring materials and a knowledgeable sales person will help you match up your performance needs. Visit our showroom or schedule an in home estimate and we will assist you in making the best decision for your carpeting needs today.